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Here are a few examples of Design, Mobile Churches, and Full Transformation.


These lightweight and easy-to-connect panels are a simple way of changing the landscape of any room or stage.  They come in two sizes and can stack in any order you choose up to 12 feet tall.  Because of their simple stacking design these panels can be used in multiple configurations allowing for your stage to be unique each and every week.  The panels are constructed from 1" square tubing, powder coated in flat black with a natural coroplast panel to diffuse light.  Legs rotate so that the panel segments can be aligned in any angled configuration. With the addition of LED lights, multiple color options are at your disposal.  Sign up to see the member pricing. 


This cross is perfect for the portable church, the church that needs an occasional cross but doesn’t have storage, or for those churches that like to use creative programming to bring life changing moments. Standing at 107” tall and a width of 67” inches it makes a huge statement in any worship setting. With weighted bases there is no requirement of sandbags or fastening to the floor. The insertable panels can be back lit, front lit or just used in natural light. The portable cross is a great tool for worship services especially Easter. Because it is portable it can be used on the stage, on the floor, in the foyer or even outside for a  baptism service in a river, pool or lake. 


Every church planter has a unique vision.  That vision should take shape right from the beginning with customized solutions to fit their passion, their team and their funding.  We specialize in providing unique products and/or systems in order to maximize space, people and bring that vision to life on day one.  It’s more than a box or a piece of gear.  It’s the whole package.  Let us help you reach the people God has called you to impact.


At JNE Productions we love helping churches reach for the dream God has given them.  We love it because it all comes down to one thing, reaching people.  Church facilities and systems can help but they can also hinder and that’s where we come in.  Coming from years of ministry experience we can support your vision by designing systems that fit your vision for both today and tomorrow.  Take a look at some of these transformations and then give us a call.  We’d love to support the vision God has given you.

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