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JNE Productions

Meet Jon Cawston

Founder & CEO of JNE Productions

With over 20 years of experience in ministry and stage design, Jon Cawston is a true professional in the audio and visual arts industry. Armed with a triple music major in college, his expertise and dedication has been honed through years of practical experience and a genuine passion for serving the church.


Jons' extensive background in ministry and stage design has equipped him with a unique skill set to create immersive and impactful experiences. From designing awe-inspiring visuals to crafting unforgettable soundscapes, his expertise is top of the line. He understands the power of music and visual elements in elevating the worship experience and communicating the message with clarity and emotion.


Beyond his technical prowess, Jons' true calling lies in vision casting with pastors. He possesses an uncanny ability to grasp the heart and vision of a church community, collaborating closely with pastors to translate their message into tangible artistic expressions. His deep understanding of ministry dynamics and his commitment to serving the church enables him to create an atmosphere that fosters spiritual connection and transformation.

Meet The Team

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